Baltimore Farmers' Market & Bazaar

Every Sunday, Oct. 29 - Dec. 17

7am - 12pm

(Holliday & Saratoga Sts., Baltimore, MD)


MarketSW - 

Saturday October 28,

November 4, 11,


(4th & M Sts. Washington, DC)


​In Good Health Holiday

Market & Wellness

Saturday, November 18


(The Institute for Integrative Health-1407 Fleet St., Baltimore, MD  21231)

"Fashion can be bought...but style is priceless!"

Meet Us At The Market!

 Together We Create!

What is handcrafted? Creating items made by hand or using simple or traditional tools and techniques.   Handcrafting is enjoying a resurgence today. With all the mass produced and imported products, people are growing to appreciate the creative work and care that goes into making products locally and by hand.
What is "pre-loved?"  It's our term of endearment for gently used clothing that someone loved and cared for before you.  These are stylish fashions looking for a good home!  So whether it's a vintage jacket, a cool pair of jeans, or a chic pair of boots give a "pre-loved" piece a second chance for love!