​​​​​​Who We Are! 

Greetings! I'm Iqrama Muhammad, founder and creative director of PEACES.  Welcome to our site.  At PEACES, our mission is to create sustainable markets and systems for handcrafted and recycled fashions and decor, while contributing to the economic, social and human development of our community, particularly our women and girls.  Guided by the principle that God wastes nothing, we are inspired to transform used and new fabrics and textiles into an eclectic array of beautiful bags, clothing, accessories and decor.  

The seed of PEACES was planted while volunteering at a non-profit, training vehicle and pre-leadership program in Baltimore, MD.  While most of the items donated to the store were sold to provide funding for the program, bags of defective clothing were discarded, which sparked the question, "what if the discarded clothing could be recycled and refashioned to make new and useful products?"  Our "waste not, want not" spirit led us to seek a way to get the full benefit of fabrics and clothing that would otherwise be discarded, ending up in landfills.

Today, our design director, Mattie Kave, helps us produce creative and useful products.  In addition to our signature handcrafted Fashion Tote, we design and produce ruanas,  wraps, capes, vests, crossbody bags, yoga straps and other accessories, carefully crafted for you, "with love".  

​What We Know!


 We know that our greatest power is the ability to create.  It is not just in some of us.  It is in each and every one of us!  We know that within each of us is deposited a divine purpose and unique talent.  And it is only by bringing these "peaces" together for the benefit of the whole, that we can make the necessary progress toward healing our community and ensuring our immediate survival.  Therefore, we contribute a portion of our proceeds and our time to support after school programs for youth and young adults. Our intention is to continue to develop products and programs that serve our community and through unity, true education and economic responsibility, use our resources to help build a strong foundation that will sustain a modest, peaceful way of life and help make our communities a safe and decent place to live! 

"So then, let us pursue the things making for PEACE and the things that are mutually upbuilding to one another!"

Thank you for visiting our site!  Until the next time...

Live on Purpose...and with Style!



ReCycle! ReStore! ReStyle! ReNu!