Healthy Bodies! Healthy Minds!

Sewing for the Soul is a sisters’ network that promotes the time-honored tradition of sewing.

The purpose of Sewing for the Soul is to prepare sisters with basic sewing skills and to build a network of sisters with varying degrees of experience who will share their knowledge and pass down the art of this skill to others.  We also provide introductory sewing workshops for adults and after-school programs for youth and young adults.  So whether you are interested in learning to sew as a profession, to save money on clothing or to express your creativity for personal satisfaction, Sewing for the Soul can help you tap in to one of our greatest abilities…the ability to CREATE!

"Together We Create!"


It’s never too early to develop a healthy lifestyle.  The Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds program helps inform youth of healthy practices that can have life long benefits. The objective of the program is to educate and train youth and young adults about the benefits of proper nutrition, exercise, attitude and citizenship through a series of activities such as visual aids, games, role play, taste tests and hands on cooking experiences. 

The program teaches basic nutrition concepts and introduces youth to new and healthy eating and snacking options.   It also gives them tools that will lay an early foundation and help support them in making changes and modifications in behavior and habits that lead to healthier life choices.  

​Community service is an integral part of the PEACES paradigm.  A portion of the proceeds from our sales helps to offset costs for programs, particularly for youth and young adults.  We are committed to building our communities and helping to make them a safe and decent place to live.  Here are two programs that we have developed.


Community Gallery